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The An Hedonia Trilogy:

  1. An Hedonia, The Fallen (Release 2024) *Dedicated to Tom Sizemore

  2. An Hedonia, Battle of the Fallen (2025)

  3. An Hedonia, Judgement Day (2027)


Something BIG is coming! You can join the Battle of the Fallen by supporting this TV series being produced now! There are many opportunities to share with each other and reach all of our dreams & goals. We want you to join the mission to bring An Hedonia the Fallen and it's sequel Battle of the Fallen to every screen on the planet.

Fantasy Action Drama

An Hedonia


These are the ending days when evil walks the earth but Anah has amnesia and can't remember she's a fallen angel. She agrees to serve a child as guardian angel, but when her memory returns she is faced with the truth... she is dark. Who will she serve in the final battle?... The Battle of The Fallen!


The concept is based on the psychological and sociological idea of, 'The Looking Glass Mirror,' by Charles Cooley. The fact is that the angel, who was a fallen angel, is made to believe she is good through the eyes of an innocent child.

Lucky Bailey

Starring: Tom Sizemore, Jon Vasquez, Lucky Bailey, Barry Allan Onody, Lorelei McKelvey, Mary Elizabeth Norton, Joshua Ramirez, Dwight Arnold, Earl Edmund Hundt, Kathy Denison, Michael McGonigle, Vid Payne, Niels Christ, Michael Norton, George Hunter, Jasmine Rock, Sara Lynn, and many more.

Directed by: Lucky Bailey

1st AD: Michael Gallina

Executive Producers: Ken Gora, Michael Gallina, George Dawe, Lucky Bailey, Lorelei McKelvey, Alynne Gallegos, Mark Rogow, Michael McGonigle, James Hebebrand, Gary Schmad, and partially funded by a grant from Los Angeles City College Foundation. 

Want to be an Executive Producer? 

We accept new Executive Producers on a limited basis depending upon the start date of a new phase of production for this television series (which already exists as a pilot-short film). If you are interested in becoming an Executive Producer and join the Battle of the Fallen journey...  YOU CAN!


Perks :

  1. You get an opportunity to be in an episode or short film scene

  2. You are invited to the red carpet screenings

  3. Receive IMDb Producer credit on screen & in the database

  4. Promos for you and your business on social media

  5. and more.


Use the PayPal option:

We have several opportunities for every budget. Ask.

We are all excited to be on this adventure together.


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