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Holiday Stalkings (2022)

A San Diego 48-Hour Film Project  

in 2022. Starring Lorelei McKelvey, Gabriel Soto, Lolly Boroff, Lucky Bailey, Michal Gallina, Alessia Cericola, and George Dawe. 

Written & Directed by Lucky Bailey.

Assistant Director: Michael Gallina.

Line Producer: Lolly Boroff.

Alessia Cericola & Lucky Bailey: Set Decorator

Edited by Lucky Bailey

Executive Producer: George Dawe

Produced by: Lucky-U Entertainment 

in association with Night Vision Production

Rules for the competition:

Must be written at the start of the clock. 

Our genres randomly chosen for us: Holiday-Thriller

Name 1 character: Sherry Meyers (watercolor artist)

Use a Toolbox prop

Say the line, "It all comes down to the planning."

Clock begins after 7pm on Friday. The script was written that

night. Saturday morning we cast and set up. Saturday day

into night is full of filming. Sunday is editing and turning in

by 7pm. 

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